lace heaven

bonjour! welcome to transparent lingerie! a source for all of your favourite feminine pieces. ◕‿◕ /
Isabel Marant, “Mia”: bra (sold out) 
"Jena" suspenders. Agent Provocateur. (x).
Stella McCartney, “Victoria Raving”: bra
mikeyfritters asked:

R u a guy or girl?

we are all girls, why?

- mariam

Julia Stargazing. Stella McCartney. (x).
Deborah Marquit, “Giardina di Fiori”: bra
Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit
"Gloria" Agent Provocateur briefs. (x).
Stella McCartney, “Giselle Charming”: bra
Stella McCartney, “Minnie Sipping”: lace briefs